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Private Driver wins NLE 264 thousand from one Mercury International ticket

On Monday, February 5, 2024, we made another massive payout to a driver named Mohamed from Freetown who on a total of NLE 264 thousand (two hundred and sixty-four million old Leones) from Mercury International after placing a bet on 15 teams from our Long List product on a single ticket.

With excitement, Mohamed explained he is a very loyal customer of Mercury International and talked about how just a day before this win, he also won the sum of NLE 186 thousand (One Hundred and Eighty-Six million old Leones) by betting on 11 teams. After-tax deductions, his take-home prize amounts to NLE 225 thousand. 

“In the past, I’ve won smaller amounts, but this is my largest win to date. With this money, I plan to construct a house for my mother in the village, purchase land in Freetown for myself, and invest in a taxi to start my transportation business,” said Mohamed. 

He further urged others to engage in responsible betting, emphasizing that Mercury International, as a parent company, is positively impacting the lives of the youth in Sierra Leone.

We continue to be Sierra Leone’s lead Sports Betting and Lottery Company and we’ve seen many customers who have won billions of Leones joyfully collect their prizes and go on to invest and have a change in life. Its products include the 5/90 lottery, sports betting, online betting, Zone, Rapids, and Virtual Rapid games. 

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