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Corporate Social Responsibilities

At Mercury International, our corporate social sesponsibility is our business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and academic benefits to the country. The Company boasts of being the leaders in the industry in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In order to foster an effective CSR the company in February, 2013 established the Mercury International Charitable Foundation.

Mercury International Charitable Foundation Sierra Leone Limited was set up solely to manage the company’s CSR. The department is located at 25 Rawdon Street, Freetown, and its operations are directly supervised by the Chairman of Mercury International Company SL Ltd, Mr. Samir Hassanyeh.


The Charitable Foundation

  1. Scholarship for primary and secondary schools and Grant-in-aid for tertiary institutions. Financing projects of environmentally friendly policies and academic institutions.
  2. The company is the first Sierra Leonean corporate entity to present an MOU proposal for the construction of Eighty class rooms as a legacy support to the Free Quality Education programme to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
  3. Capacity Building of Institutions.
    • Construction/rehabilitation of buildings to capacitate institutional infrastructure.
    • Support women’s gender parity and advocacy.
    • Funding to institutions for the physically challenged and other disadvantaged persons.
    • Strengthening the capacity of the media regulatory bodies for improved output.
  4. Financial support for medical treatment and other health issues
    • The Foundation continues to provide financial support for medical treatment to all categories of health related issues, including special medical attention elsewhere in Africa and abroad.
    • The Foundation provides support for the Pink Foundation in their drive to create awareness about breast cancer and advocate early detection through regular screening.
    • The Foundation also partner with the Business Coalition Against AIDS in Sierra Leone (BCAASL), which advocates for national HIV & AIDS response.
  5. Strengthening support for Sport and Athletics; The Foundation supports sporting activities through the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), the executive of other sport groups, associations and clubs including:
    • Monthly Aid support to Regional and District football Associations  Sierra Leone Wrestling Association
    • Sports Writers Association Sierra Leone (SWASL)
    • Sierra Leone National Football Heroes Foundation
    • Sierra Leone Athletics Association
    • Sierra Leone Volleyball Association
    • The National Team Leone Stars
    • Squash and Lawn Tennis Association
    • Sierra Leone Cycling Association
    • Sierra Leone Boxing Association

      Mercury has on numerous occasions made financial contributions to the National team during international encounters, by providing funding for travelling and live coverage of games. The foundation has also contributed to capacitate this area by providing air tickets and other contingencies to sport delegates.

      The Foundation has been very consistent in its financial support to football and other sporting disciplines. In light of the above, Mercury International Foundation is:

    • Sponsoring sport radio programs
    • National and International sports and athletics competitions
    • Financing national and international sports meetings, seminars and conferences.
  1. Supports Creative Arts, Classical Music and institutions promoting culture;

    • Institutional assistance to strengthen creative Arts through Classical music and dance.

    • The Heritage Foundation (Building cultural float parade annually)

    • The foundation has been supporting Ballanta Academy on a annual bases.

  2. Supporting community development and projects of Religious and Traditional organizations.

  3. Annual aid support to vulnerable children, physically challenged and the Aged.

  4. Specific amongst them are;

    • Annual funding to the Freetown Cheshire Home

    • Annual funding to School for the Blind

    • Annual funding to School for the Deaf

    • Annual funding to King Georges VI Home for the Aged

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